Are you finding it hard to get visibility on the top pages of search engine results? Optomaze a website development and online marketing company based in Denmark is your one-stop solution. We offer a full spectrum of all website optimization services.

Optomaze is well-known in offering superior visibility, higher ranking and better brand promotion. Our web developers understand that your website is the most powerful tool that helps in attracting huge numbers of customers. Hence, optimization is necessary because it helps you have an edge over others in the competitive market. If you want to achieve success in this ever-changing digital world you need to use the advance and trendy ways to gain and sustain more new customers.

Control the code work
  • Are you running an online business with an old website? Optomaze experienced team will help you revamp your business site to update your online marketing efforts with our unbeatable website optimization strategies. We offer goal-oriented services to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Optomaze optimization services aim to help you get more leads, and sales to help you expand your business. Website optimization is an ideal solution for your business goals. We assure you that our website optimization will systematically improve the performance of your website to meet your business objectives.

We are experts in solving the insoluble

Optomaze services help you increase exposure and brand awareness of your business. We give our clients result-oriented services to expand their business reach and visibility in the market. Optomaze provides cost-effective marketing services to our clients from all around the globe. If you are planning to get the best results from your websites do get in touch with us!

Speed Optimization

We develop mobile-friendly webshops

  • Page speed optimization is a strategy that is often overlooked. Often page speed optimization services are considered crucial to a great SEO. Without ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors, your site likely to lose conversions and revenue Optomaze experienced experts believe that not nearly half of your web searchers won’t even wait three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another website. Is your website fast enough to keep your users around? Optomaze offer services help to decrease load time. We have different speed optimization plans to help your website load at fast speed. Our research suggests that pages that load fast appeals to the visitors and help decrease bounce rate. Optomaze professional team uses techniques that decrease your page load time and give your user a good experience.


Not everything can be solved with shelf products and package solutions

  • Conversion is the goal of any marketing campaign. Optomaze conversion optimization services help you enhance your user experience, attract more visitors and turn them into long term customers. The main aim of our conversion optimisation services is to encourage more users to perform desired actions on your site. Our experts ensure visitors act rather than just look. Optomaze analysis technique always helps to keep a check if your conversion rate is matching the predetermined goals set by the conversion optimization rate. Hence, more conversions mean satisfied customers, good reviews, social sharing and other benefits. Optomaze conversion optimization services will help in flourishing your user base.


With Umbraco CMS you get a flexible and scalable platform that supports integration with your other systems

  • Images are an integral part of your website content and thus need to be optimised to grab as well as sustain visitor’s attention. Resizing and optimizing images efficiently is what our team does for you to maximize your website performance and improves visibility. Optomaze use images which enhance your page load speed to give your user a better experience while they are using your websites.