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Thank you very much for stopping by our website. Optomaze is a web development and marketing agency that provides you with the best websites, webshops, CRM Systems, software, UI/UX Design and online marketing. 



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Our vision

We live in a digital world. Technology can be the power behind a lot of things, and if you don’t have the right technology in your company, you can almost be secure that a lot of complications can appear. Our vision is to avoid these complications and make technology simple and se

Hos Optomaze er vi sammen om at skabe fremtidens arbejdsplads. Om at udfordre hinanden. Om at gøre en forskel. Om vi vil høre fra dig? Ja tak.

“At our core, we prioritise a collaborative approach, always striving to surround ourselves with people who are smarter than us. We work with an ever-growing network of forward-thinking specialists and creatives from Denmark and around the world, working hard every day to improve our products and services for our customers.”

But who is Optomaze?


Nuuday er en familie af syv stærke brands. Vi arbejder for at forbedre menneskers liv med innovative løsninger inden for TV, bredbånd, netværk og telefoni. Og vi gør det sammen. På tværs af teams, 33 nationaliteter og 4500 fantastiske kollegaer.